In our fleet, we have 43 fully equipped vehicles for international transport.

Of that:

  • 35 MEGA vehicles (loading space dimensions – length 13.60m, width 2.48m, height up to 3.05m)
  • 8 Tandem (JUMBO) vehicles (loading space dimensions – length 15.40m, width 2.46m, height 3.05m)

Our trailers have the option of rolling the complete tarpaulin and roof as well as moving the posts on the trailer, which is a great advantage when loading goods with a crane and large widths. We also have a certain number of vehicles that have a COIL design, that is, they are specialized for the transportation of coil loads (reels). Also, all our vehicles are specialized for transporting furniture.

All vehicles have the EN 12642 XL Cargo Insurance Certificate.

All vehicles in international transport have an average age of 4 years, engines are EURO 6 standards and have equipment and a Certificate for the transport of dangerous goods ADR.